Welcome to my page!

My name is Madeleine Ahlström, and I design and craft jewelry. I started along this path several years ago producing Viking-inspired jewelry out of silver wire with gemstone and pearl adornments. After taking several courses in silversmithing, I branched out into the use of precious metal silver clay (PMC). I find PMC a very interesting material to work with, as it is very flexible and gives the jeweler the possiblity to produce sculptures and casts. Recently, I have been working more and more with glass beads. I started making necklaces, bracelets, and other pieces by weaving small glass beads together with wire, and later graduated to small glass animals using skeletons of metal wire. I decided I wanted something more out of my craft, and am now manufacturing my own glass beads.
The beauty of all these different techniques is that they complement each other, and together allow me to make more complicated and refined jewelry. By displaying online the fruits of my labour, I hope to incite your interest in my jewelery; perhaps you may find something that you can't live without!